downloadComing of age within the smoldering borders of the Gomorrah Festival’s traveling carnival of fantasy, Sorina uses her rare illusion-creating talents to create family members that she believes do not really exist until one of them is murdered.

This book was very well done. Except for one critical flaw in the plot. I’ll get onto it later. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this book and I hope that I enjoy Ace of Shades just as much. I loved the characters way more than I should have. And the plot kept me engrossed in the story. If you want more of my thoughts then you should read on.


The characters were impressive. They were very well done and I wished that I could’ve met them in real life. I think that I would have hit off with them immediately. They all were very funny and I loved reading their family drama. The characters also changed a lot over the course of the book. They all became stronger, better people, or illusions. Just what I am looking for in good characters. I loved them all and I hope that the characters in the next book that Ms. Foody are just as good, but I think that they will be.

My favorite character was Hawk. She was relatable, sweet, and funny. Just what I’m looking for in a best friend. Hawk was one of Sorina’s illusions and was supposed to be the younger sister. Hawk also enjoyed singing and playing the violin, which is why I said she was relatable. I loved how she always stayed strong, even when the murders of her family changed her whole world. Hawk gets stared at regularly because of her bird’s wings but she doesn’t let it get to her. I wish I could meet Hawk so that I could tell her how awesome she is.

The plot was very well done. The pacing was a little bit off, which could get annoying when it suddenly sped up or slowed down and you didn’t know what was happening. Another annoying problem was the mystery itself. As soon as the character was introduced I knew who the murderer was. I was hoping that I would be kept on my toes until the big reveal but that didn’t happen. I was disappointed in that regard but besides the pacing, I really enjoyed the plot. I hope that the next book’s plot will be better.

The setting was breathtaking. I loved Gomorrah and I loved how we got to see most of it. It seemed like a beautiful place to live if you could get over the City of Sin part. I don’t know if I could get over it but I want to. The city was home for Sorina and so Ms. Foody made it okay. She made it seem like it wouldn’t hurt us, even though I totally would’ve been robbed in my first five minutes of being there. I would have enjoyed it there but I don’t think that I would have been able to live very long.

I really enjoyed this book, except for that one flaw that I talked about in the plot. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the strange and isn’t afraid to read about murders. This book also covers the Featuring A Blind MC for my 2018 Book Bingo. The summary came from the Library of Congress. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find a link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (15)