downloadKiko Himura yearns to escape the toxic relationship with her mother by getting into her dream art school, but when things do not work out as she hoped Kiko jumps at the opportunity to tour art schools with her childhood friend, learning life-changing truths about herself and her past along the way.

This was a hard read. Really really hard. It was beautiful and I fell in love the characters instantly. I loved the plot and the setting as well. The book pulled me in at the very beginning and I couldn’t wait to pick this book up again. If you want to hear more of my thoughts then you should read the rest of my review.

The characters were so beautiful and pure and innocent and I wanted to get to know them way more then the book did and I wish that they were all happy from the very beginning. There, I’m done with my tangent. I loved the way that the characters developed over the course of the book and how they interacted with one another. All of them changed a lot over the course of the book. I wish that I could’ve met the characters in more detail.

Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman Quotes

My favorite character was Hiroshi. He was so kind and he suffered the same way that Kiko did. I loved his way of getting Kiko to utilize her potential and then helped her achieve . . . something (can’t tell you without spoiling it). He cared about his family and couldn’t help but do what’s best for them. Hiroshi was always there for Kiko, and he made it quite clear that if she ever needed a shoulder to cry on he would be there for her.

The plot was very well written. Due to it being a contemporary, the plot was very character based. I was constantly kept on my toes. The information was released gradually and it kept me hooked. I enjoyed the witty dialogue of the characters and the way that they could get me quietly chuckling. There were also a lot of different themes in this book, like beauty, that made this book very important for everyone. The book was very well written and even though this was a debut novel it seemed like Ms. Bowman had written novels all her life.

The setting was also very well written, as was the backstory. Everything was very descriptive and I could envision myself with the characters, drawing (if I actually knew how to), and talking to them. The backstory was very sad and also very realistic. I got very mad at some of the characters at different points at the book, like I was probably supposed to. The setting was very descriptive and I hope that I pick up another one of her books it will be just as good.

This book was very well written and I cannot wait to pick up Summer Bird Blue. I highly recommend it. I got the summary from the Library of Congress. Remember to fill out my survey!!! You can find the link to it on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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