downloadSixteen-year-old Ruby breaks out of a government-run ‘rehabilitation camp’ for teens who acquired dangerous powers after surviving a virus that wiped out most American children.

This book was amazing!!!! It wasn’t very original but there were some original twists to it. I haven’t seen the movie yet and I’m ashamed that I waited this long to read the book just so I could watch it. The characters were so realistic and I wanted all of them to have their own happy ending. The writing style was not bad either.


The writing style was pretty good, but it definitely gets better as Ms. Bracken continues to write. Her style was fairly unique, but it was not as addictive as I thought it would be. I loved the way the way Ms. Bracken described everything and made me feel things that I probably wouldn’t have felt otherwise. Ms. Bracken is extremely talented and I can’t wait to see how she progresses in Never Fade.

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The characters were so unique and raw. Ruby was so brave and I hated how she put herself down when she deserved the world. Liam was the best and he needs a happy ending more than anyone. Chubs was the ultimate friend and I just want to give him a hug. And Zu was so sweet and small and she needs a normal life and a family that cares about her. All of the characters grew so much over the course of the book, as people and as a team. All of the side characters were as fleshed out as the main characters and I could relate to them well. 

I was really impressed with the way that Ms. Bracken wrote reality. She stressed the fact that in this world the only people who care about the kids are the other kids. And sometimes even that’s not true. It is complete anarchy outside of the camps. I was very interested in the tribal systems that most of the children outside had set up. I think that I would like to run one of those if I was in this book and had survived IAAN.

The plot was not very original but some of the twists were. I was very invested in the story and I can’t wait until I can read Never Fade. There were a lot of plot twists that I didn’t predict and that made me pretty upset. I loved reading about all of the car chases and battles and small child care and therapy (if you’ve read the book you know what I mean). The ending of this book killed me and I wish I had tissues and the next book. *SPOILERS* Chubs can’t die and Liam can’t have forgotten about Ruby!!!! *END SPOILERS*

If you haven’t read this book, you need to. Now. I recommend all of Ms. Bracken’s books. Remember to fill out my survey. You can find a link to it on my About page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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