download (1)As their deep friendship turns to love, Latina teenager Miel, who grows roses from her wrist, and Italian-Pakistani Samir, a transgender boy, fear their secrets will be exposed by the beautiful Bonner girls, four sisters rumored to be witches.

This was not my favorite book, but it was not my least favorite book either. I enjoyed reading about Miel and Sam, but not as much as I wanted to. The plot was interesting, but I pitied the Bonner sisters, instead of hating them. I enjoyed the character relationships in this book, and I can’t wait to see if that carries into The Weight of Feathers.

Anne-Maire McLemore’s writing style was as lyrical as I remember. It was so nice to read and I am addicted to it. Anne-Marie writes smoothly, and I love it. Anne-Marie is such a lyrical writer and I love that. Anne-Marie writes in a way that interests me, just like her use of Spanish words that I can’t pronounce. I don’t know very much Spanish, but I thought that I would know more of the words. Anne-Marie’s writing style is pretty constant and I bet that it will be pretty much the same in her debut novel.

The characters were okay. I enjoyed reading about Miel, Sam, and the Bonner sisters, but the Bonner sisters were just normal girls and I didn’t really hate or dislike them at all. The things that they were doing to Miel were terrible, but I understand why the girls did them and pitied them. I loved reading about the dynamics between Aracely and Miel because they acted so much like sisters. All of the characters changed over the course of the book, and it was so apparent. I enjoyed seeing the characters change, I just wish that it had been less obvious.

When The Moon Was Ours

The magic was definitely my favorite part of this book. It was so original and beautiful. I loved reading about Miel’s roses and Aracely’s ability to cure lovesickness. I loved how Miel and Aracely didn’t make their gifts a big deal, even though this whole book was based on Miel and her roses. The magic was so unique and I even though I didn’t agree with how Miel used her roses, I understood and respected it. I loved the way that the Bonner sisters were thinking of using Miel’s roses (what does that say about me) and I loved the magic so much.

The plot was my least favorite part of the book. I wish that I could say otherwise, but I wasn’t engrossed in it like I wanted to be. I liked the characters, loved the plot, and was excited about this book. So what went wrong? Well, two things. One. I didn’t understand a lot about the culture. Two. I pitied the Bonner sisters, instead of hating them. I wish that this had not been the case, but it was. I can wait to see if The Weight of Feathers makes me feel the same way as this book, or if it is different.

Even though this book wasn´t my favorite, I still enjoyed it and recommend it to fans of magical realism. I got the book summary from the Library of Congress. Remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link to it on my About page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons