Teenage hacker Emika Chen embarks on a mission to unravel a sinister plot and is forced to join forces with a shadowy organization called the Blackcoats.

This book was a wild ride!!! I loved it so much and I hoped that it would never end! Emika was so developed and we learned a lot more about all of the side characters as well. The plot was a bit slow in the first half of the book, but it picked up around the halfway point. We also learned a lot more about the setting and the Warcross game itself. I wish that I could read more about Emika and what happens next for her.

Marie’s writing style didn’t change very much but it still worked really well. I was into the book from the first page, even if it was a little slow. I was addicted to the writing and now I have to wait until another one of Marie’s books is published. I loved how well the world of Warcross was described, especially the game itself. Since such a large part of the book was situated inside the game it is a good thing that it was done well. I loved reading the descriptions of all of the objects and the world.

All of the characters were very detailed and I learned so much about them. Marie used the first half of Wildcard to talk about their backstories and explain their motives. Then, when that was done Marie made sure to challenge the characters’ motives and develop them. The characters were very well-written and I wish that some of them had their own spinoff sequels. Relationships changed drastically in this book and I really enjoyed that. We saw a lot more characters, like Ziggy Frost and Max Martin, who were mentioned in passing but now were more prominent. I would love to hear more about characters like them so a spinoff would be nice.

The coding aspect of this book seemed very realistic and I wish I was able to code like Emika, Hideo, and Zero. There was not as much technical talk in this book as I had expected, but I think that’s for the best. Many people don’t know very much about coding, so talking about it might confuse some readers and convince them to put down the book. I wish that there was a bit more technical talk, but I can live without it. I wish I knew more about what coding language Hideo and Co. used, but I can figure that out.

The plot was very well-written, even though it took half the book for it to start moving. I wish that the action in Wildcard had happened faster, but the character motives and build-up were important. So important that without them the second half of the book wouldn’t be possible. The plot twists were very unpredictable and I was always sitting on the edge of my seat. I loved reading about the final showdown (and countdown). I wish I had been able to talk to Emika, Hideo, and the Phoenix Riders to give them advice and to talk about coding and virtual reality.

I loved Wildcard and I highly recommend it, just like I recommend any of Marie Lu’s books. I got the summary for the book from the Library of Congress. Remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link to it on my About page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons