I published my first Top 5 Tuesday and nothing terrible happened! Yay! So now I am back with another one. You can find the link to all of the September topics here if you want to do it yourself. This one is pretty hard for me, because I don’t pay attention to covers very much. Which means that I will be scouring my bookshelf for likable covers.

Aurora Rising, by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The cover of Aurora Rising really calls to me. I really love all of the constellations at the top of the cover and the drawing of Aurora. I hope that the next cover is just as good.

The Modern Faerie Tales, by Holly Black

Even though these stories weren’t my favorite, the cover is stunning. I love the butterfly over the dagger and all of the colors a lot.

We Rule The Night, by Claire Eliza Bartlett

The phoenix and the fire in the background immediately caught my eye and held it. I love how all of the flames and feathers are so distinctive.

Rebel, by Marie Lu

Technically, this book hasn’t come out, but this cover is too beautiful. I mean, the butterfly and all of the colors coming out of it? I sincerely hope that the inside is better than the outside.

We Hunt The Flame, by Hafsah Faizal

The cover for this book is so pretty! I love the gold with the purple background. I can’t wait to read this book!

Have a Great Day!!! Thanks for Reading!!!



What are some of your favorite covers of 2019? Let me know in the comments!