Debut authors need to publicize their first book and to do that they need book bloggers. If you, as an author, want me to read your ARC I will do it and I will review it. Just because I review a book does not mean that the book will get 5 stars. If you want I can include the author bio in the book as well. I only read and rate YA books. That means no adult books (but I do take middle grade). Below are the guidelines that you need to answer when you send me the request to read your book.

  • You need to write the title and the author
  • You need to send me a picture of the books cover
  • You need to send me the book’s summary

Those are the three main things that you need to send me to let me consider if I want to read your book. Just because you send me the review request does not mean that I will read your book. 

These are some of the other principles that I hold when it comes to reviewing.

  • If a book is a classic it gets one free bonus star.
  • If you send me a book suggestion and I read the book I will dedicate the review to you.

Well that is it!!!!! Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons