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The Isle of Brigadoon by J. S. Fields — June 17, 2017

The Isle of Brigadoon by J. S. Fields

downloadJ. S Fields sent me the file for The Isle of Brigadoon when he sent me the file for Center of Magic(you can read the review here). Thank You for sending me the file for this book. I dedicate this review to you.

After escaping the evil Source Ambrose, Reese and her magical friends were transported to the mysterious Isle of Brigadoon. They are learning how to control their powers in training and are reading lots of books in the Library. One book especially. Tereo has gone to the Center of Magic but can now answer questions through the form of Reese’s little black book. Everything is going great except for one little thing.

Only magical people can enter the Isle of Brigadoon through magical means. So Emily was left behind and is now being painfully tortured. Ambrose wants Em to be his new vessel but it can only happen if Em is beaten, broken, has no hope left. Ambrose also wants to find the Center of Magic and to do so he is gathering a stunning army. A strange prophecy states that if the team rushes to save Em many will die, but if they prolong her pain only one will die. What will the team chose?

I think that The Isle of Brigadoon is even better than the Center of Magic. I also think that J. S. Fields might be my new favorite author. You can find The Isle of Brigadoon and Center of Magic on Amazon. I can not wait for the third, and last, book in the trilogy to come out. I am so excited!!!!! You never knew if there was a traitor, and if there was, who? J. S. Fields introduced some really cool characters that you had never heard of in the last book. I also adopted my new tagline from his book. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons



Center of Magic, by J. S. Fields — June 16, 2017

Center of Magic, by J. S. Fields

downloadJ. S. Fields kindly contacted me and asked me to read and review his book and I said yes. Thank You for letting me read your wonderful book. Center of Magic is not available in print but is available on Amazon. 

One generation ago the world still had witches and wizards on it. Then the Fiery Death of Magic happened. All magic wielding witches and wizards died when the spell happened. Or so everyone thought.

For Reese, an orphaned girl, living in Mammoth Cave with her cousin Erik and her friend Emily is enough. Everyone enjoys her company and she does not want anything. But when the mysterious traveler called Tereo comes she realizes that she is meant for more. Reese, Tereo, Erik, and Emily go on a journey to the Center of Magic. Will Reese and Erik be able to master their quick enough and will they make it there before the gathering evil strikes?

 I loved it. If there was a physical copy of this book it would be Number 1 on my favorites shelf. Center of Magic was so suspenseful that I could not stop reading. Center of Magic was a combination of sci-fi and fantasy. Amazing!! You all should read it right now. I am serious. I think I am going crazy with love for this book. I am so reading the second book as soon as I finish this post. I am so happy I finally have a favorite book. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons