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Bright We Burn, by Kiersten White — December 5, 2018

Bright We Burn, by Kiersten White

download (1)To build the country she wants, Lada, the brutal ruler of Wallachia, must destroy everything that came before, including her relationships with brother Radu and former love Mehmed, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

This book ended me!!! I loved it so much and I wish that it had a happier ending. I wish that I had met Lada and bonded with her and that she learned valuable people skills. That was what I hoped for Lada, and it wasn’t achieved. I loved reading about Lada, Radu, and Mehmed and learning about the magical world of the Ottoman Empire.

Kiersten’s writing style was phenomenal!!! It was really realistic and I loved hearing her voice portrayed through Lada and Radu. Kiersten described the setting perfectly and I loved hearing about the forests and the cliffs and all of the beauty around Wallachia. I was engrossed in the story and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next to the beautiful landscape. Kiersten’s writing was very smooth and addictive (I can’t wait to read her next book). It reminded me of Marie Lu’s writing style. I wish that I could have read more about Lada and Radu, but I understand that it would be complicated.

Lada and Radu were amazing main characters!!! I loved them so much and couldn’t wait to see what they did next. I probably should have cared more about Mehemed, but who cares about him when you have the scheming Lada and Radu to deal with. Lada and Radu really grew into themselves in this book and it was amazing to see the changes that both of them underwent. I wish that I could have talked to both of them and learned more about their tactics and the way that they thought (the book was in the third person).

Bright We Burn

The side characters were also really well written and I enjoyed reading about them. Stefan and Dacina became very prominent in this story and I was grateful to know more about all of them. There were also some very sad side character deaths that broke me and I think that I might have become a little too emotional. But it might just be me. I cried for a while at two of them (the two most heart-wrenching). I was also reunited with some side characters from earlier books that I loved dearly. I wish that I had learned more from them.

The plot was amazing!!! I was engrossed in it from the very first page and I couldn’t wait to learn more about Lada, Radu, and the tactics that they employed. It was amazing to see the plot finally culminate and all of the characters come together in an epic battle. Lada and her people were so strong and proud of their country, while Radu and Mehmed didn’t want to do what they had to do, but they did it anyway. It was really impressive to read about, but the ending broke my heart. I wish that it could have been any other way.

I loved Bright We Burn and I highly recommend it. I got the summary from the Library of Congress. Remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link to it on my About page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

th (14)

Now I Rise, by Kiersten White — May 16, 2018

Now I Rise, by Kiersten White

downloadLada Dracul seeks her younger brother Radu’s help in securing the Wallachian throne, but their father, Sultan Mehmed, has sent him to sabotage Constantinople.

This book was very good. There was lots of intrigue and suspicion throughout this book and I loved it. I did feel bad for Lada and Radu during this book, something that I thought that I would never do. Especially Lada. The plot had a moderate amount of action in it, not as much as I would have expected but still more than most historical fiction books. If you want to hear more of my thoughts then read on.

The characters were amazing. Lada got more vicious and Radu got more conflicted. Sometimes I feel bad for Radu but then I remember that he chose this life and Lada didn’t. The characters changed a lot and you learned a lot more about some side characters who you thought weren’t important. There was one death that broke my heart because the side character was so kind to one of the main characters. Ms. White was able to make me love some characters and hate others. I cannot wait to see where Ms. White takes the characters in the future. 

My favorite character was Lada. She was so strong but there were some moments when I was shaking my head at her stupidity. But she is seventeen so I understand. I liked how Lada made rational decisions most of the time and the other times I could understand her motives. Then Lada got dark and I could see the person she would become. She will help Wallachia and make it a better place. She already is. I cannot wait to see what person she will become. With preferably less bloodshed then Vlad the Impaler.


 The plot was very well done. There was more planning than I expected and less action. I enjoyed that and was proud of Lada for her restraint. Sometimes it got a little bit boring but that didn’t happen very much. The pacing was perfect and the book kept moving forward. There quite a few cliffhangers that me stop and take a breath before reading onward. Everything changed quite a lot and it was thrilling. I enjoyed the way that the motives of each of the characters were concealed until the end. And I think that we still don’t know what each character wants.

The setting was very well done. I learned more about the Ottoman Empire, Constantinople, and Hungary. It made me want to learn more about the Middle Ages and the crusades. And it made me want to travel back in time to the Middle Ages so that I could see if Wallachia was as beautiful as Lada thought that it was. I think that it was. We also learned some more of some about Lada’s and Bogdan’s past and what the future might hold for them. I think that the setting was very well done and I can’t wait to see where Lada’s and Radu’s travels bring them in the future.

As you can see, I enjoyed reading this book quite a lot and I highly recommend it to everyone. This book fills my With A MC From A Different Country From You spot for my 2018 Book Bingo. The book summary came from Library of Congres. Please fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (15)

And I Darken, by Kiersten White — February 2, 2018

And I Darken, by Kiersten White

download (1)In this first book in a trilogy a girl child is born to Vlad Dracula, in Transylvania, in 1435-at first rejected by her father and always ignored by her mother, she will grow up to be Lada Dragwlya, a vicious and brutal princess, destined to rule and destroy her enemies.

When getting into this book I didn’t know much about what it would be about. And then I hadn’t learnt anything about the Ottoman empire so I had to go research about them. And then I had to start all over on the book. But otherwise I loved this book. Want to know why? Then read in.

The characters were very intense. They never knew what to feel and who’s side to be on. It was very interesting. And Lada is the definition of the No song. Isn’t that obvious? I love the sibling relationship in this book as well. It was a lot like the relationship me and my sisters have. So, very turbulent. And the relationship with Mehemd was also very well done.

My favorite character in this was Huma. She knew what needed to be done and did it. Even though, it was not what everyone else wanted her to do. I loved it. Even though Huma was dying, and she knew it, she still chose to take care of her son and his empire in the best way that she could. That just meant so much to me.

My one big issue with this book was the LBTGQ+ representation seemed fake. Forced. Like, we need to give this book a diverse feel so let’s just through this in here. It was sort of upsetting. If you’re going to do it then get it right. And the character was just like, maybe I love him maybe I love someone else. I can’t decide. I think that it could’ve been done way better. Maybe it will be in the next book.

The plot was very interesting and I enjoying reading about the Ottoman Empire. That book was a history lesson unto itself. I also think that the Muslim vs Christian dynamics were very interesting. That book will teach you things that you never knew that you needed to know. And all of the adventure was intense and this book was really girl power. No one else could do what Lada did and get away with it. So the plot and historical aspect was really intense and I loved it.

The setting was also interesting. As I said earlier, I had to go do some research on the Ottomans and it was very interesting. I learned what I needed to know and then reread the book. But I was very interested in the way things were done at this time so it was very intriguing. I learned a lot which is the purpose of a historical fiction novel, I think. The setting was very detailed and I enjoyed envisioning the world that it was set in. For only learning from the past can we stop ourselves from making the same mistakes in the future.

So, as you can see, I enjoyed reading this book quite a lot, except for some small issues. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Groundhog Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)