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Kingdom of Ash, by Sarah J. Maas — December 9, 2018

Kingdom of Ash, by Sarah J. Maas

With Aelin locked in an iron coffin by Queen of the Fae Maeve, Aedion and Lysandra struggle to defend Terrasen, Chaol, Manon, and Dorian face their own fates, and Rowan seeks his captured wife and queen.

This book was amazing!!! I loved it so much and can’t wait to discuss it with you. Although, Kingdom of Ash did have its faults. Which I will also be discussing. This might be a longer review. I wish that this book was perfect but it did have its issues. There were a few parts where my jaw was dropping in surprise, and I loved Kingdom of Ash but I think that it could have been a little bit better. 

I loved Sarah’s writing style. It was so clear and defined. I just wish that it was a little less flowery. I think that would have cut down on the length a little bit. I like how Sarah’s writing can be really brutal and make all of her readers feel things from just one sentence. I wish I could do that. The setting was really detailed and I loved reading about it. There was not very much that Sarah needed to do, but I pictured all of the places that the characters traveled perfectly.

The characters were not bad. But I did notice that they were not very fleshed out. Some of the characters that came back from The Assassin’s Blade were not fleshed out at all. Sarah expected us to read that book and to have already understood the characters. I wish that we had been provided some backstory so that people who did not read The Assassin’s Blade could understand some of the characters’ a little bit better. 

Aelin and all of the other characters (but Aelin especially) had a very interesting journey to go through. Aelin has been tortured for months at this point and has to deal with the effects of that. Rowan has to know that his mate is being tortured for months, he has to find her, and that she might not be okay when he finds her. Fenrys has to watch Aelin being tortured for months and Lorcan, Gavriel, and Elide have to deal with Rowan. While Aedion and the rest of the characters have to suffer through not knowing whether Rowan was successful or not. All in all, the characters handled it realistically and I sympathized with all of them. Except for Maeve. 

The plot fell flat for me. I was waiting for Sarah to astound me and make me gasp me in shock, but that happened far less than I anticipated. I was still gasping in shock at some points, I just thought that it would happen more. The plot explained a lot of things, but to know what they are you’ll have to read the book. The book was divided into many characters’ POVs, and I think that it was done well. Sometimes, I had to think about whose head I was in though. That was annoying.

I did enjoy reading this book and I highly recommend it, in spite of its faults. I got the book summary from the Library of Congress. Remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link to it on my About page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

A Court of Frost and Starlight, by Sarah J. Maas — May 10, 2018

A Court of Frost and Starlight, by Sarah J. Maas

downloadAs Feyre navigates her first Winter Solstice as High Lady, she finds that those dearest to her have more wounds than she anticipated–scars that will have a far-reaching impact on the future of their Court.

This book was amazing!!!! I have thought that ACOWAR was going to be my favorite SJM book but it was ACOFAS!!! I loved all of the characters, the setting, and the plot (maybe?). We’ll talk about that later. I loved this book with all of my heart and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Which sucks, because it doesn’t come out until next May. Read on if you want to hear more of my thoughts.

The characters were epic!!!! I loved them all and wish that the book had been longer so that we could have more of them. Some of the characters broke my heart because of well, you’ll have to read the book to find out. This book was written in multiple POVs, Cassian, Azriel, Mor, Rhys, Feyre, and Nesta. I didn’t get Amren or Elain for some reason, and I wanted them. There was depth behind each of these characters and I loved them all so much!!!!


My favorite character was Azriel. He was so sweet, and his humor came out a lot in this book. I wanted more from him, but that didn’t happen. He was amazing in this book, he kept up with his lessons with Feyre (when he had the time) and he was always kind to the Archeron Sisters. I also learned a lot more about Az’s past and what happened there. It made me feel so bad for him, but I think that he learned to live with it and would want everyone else to as well. 

The plot was very well written. I wasn’t expecting that much of a plot but there was a plot. The cool thing was that each character had their own little side plot, besides the major Solstice plot. I loved it and was engrossed in the book from the beginning to the end. I think that the plot was pretty close to perfect, it wasn’t as good as ACOWAR, but it wasn’t terrible, I can’t think of any terrible SJM books. 

The setting was amazing!!! I got to explore more of Velaris and I learned more of what happened under Rhy’s rule in Velaris. I loved that part especially. Then I learned what had happened with Tamlin after ACOWAR and it made me want to curl up in a ball and cry. I loved how descriptive it was, now I go into Velaris whenever I feel like it. I wanted more of the other High Lords, but they never showed up, nor were they mentioned. That upset me. Otherwise, the setting was amazing.

I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it to any SJM fan. The summary came from the Library of Congress. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)

Tower of Dawn, by Sarah J Maas — February 22, 2018

Tower of Dawn, by Sarah J Maas

download (1)Chaol and Nesryn visit Antica hoping the legendary healers of the Torre Cesme can enable Chaol to walk again, and to persuade the rulers to ally with them to save Erilea.

Wow this book was good. I loved everything about it. I cannot find one thing wrong with it. So why am I even writing this review? Ithink because I need to talk to about some of the things that I loved. Sorry. There will be spoilers so if you haven’t read this just stop here and know that I gave this book 5 stars. Okay? Okay. Let’s get on with this review/discussion thing.

I loved all of the characters because they acted like real people. Except for the tiny fact that some of them have awesome yet deadly powers. There was lots of scheming and plotting. It was really interesting to read about. I wonder what happens when everything is normal in that kingdom?

Hasar was a piece of work. She was a nasty person but she also would do anything for those that she favored. I’m not sure whether to hate her or love her. I liked Renia a lot more, even though we saw less of her. Sorry, Hasar. 

Chaol and Yrene were perfect for each other. They help each other conquer their fears and learn to live. You also knew it was coming. You had a chapter about Yrene before the healing even took place. I could also tell that Chaol and Nesryn weren’t right for each other. It was pretty obvous to me. I hope that Yrene and Chaol have many happy years together. That means that Chaol isn’t allowed to die on the battlefied. It will not happen!! These two need to be happy!!!

Now onto the second ship in this book, Nesryn and Sartaq(hope that I spelled that right). How do you pronounce Sartaq anyway? If you please tell me. Once again, these two are perfect for each other. But that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. Odd, right? These two should be on the front lines rallying troops. They’d be perfect for that. And they probably wouldn’t die. I hope.

download (1)

The plot was not very intense because there was healing invloved. But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t action. There just was not as much of it. I didn’t care. The action that did happen was really well written. I loved how the rukhin was protrayed and how funny they all were. There were also lots of plot twists that I didn’t see coming and I marveled at how I didn’t figure it out earlier. Meave is a Vlag Queen as well as a Fae Queen. What? I hope that we explore that more in the next book.

The setting was really descriptive and it made me wish that I lived in the Southern Contient. It sounds better than Adarlan. Sorry not sorry. And if I ever got hurt I know that I would be fine because the Torre is right there. I loved that aspect as well. So basically, the setting was as perfect as the rest of the book.

This book is amazing. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find it on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)

Empire of Storms, by Sarah J. Maas — February 19, 2018

Empire of Storms, by Sarah J. Maas

download (1)The long path to the throne has only just begun for Aelin Galathynius. Loyalties have been broken and bought, friends have been lost and gained, and those who possess magic find themselves at odds with those who don’t. As the kingdoms of Erilea fracture around her, enemies must become allies if Aelin is to keep those she loves from falling to the dark forces poised to claim her world.

Let me just say that I’m broken inside right now. Has anyone else noticed that ACOMAF and this book end exactly the same? So that means that Aelin will come back ok, because the Inner Circle did in ACOWAR. To hear about what else I have to say about this book then read on.

The characters were awesome!!! I loved the sass and the fact that we got to see more of Maeve’s cadre. Fenrys is totally Feysand’s kid. I mean, he can winnow. I also liked how Gavriel and Aedion didn’t become perfect father and son right away. I don’t think that they became perfect father and son at all. And the way the dynamic in the group worked there weren’t very many arguments, which I hate/love(it depends on my moods) reading about. 

Let me just talk about Manon. She is so awesome but also really insecure. I felt so bad for her but I couldn’t do anything. Because she’s in a book. But the way that she and Aelin acted around each other was a combination of girl wars or ok I tolerate you. And then in the end they became friends only for the worst thing ever to happen. Rowan will find you, Aelin. He will. Otherwise I will rewrite the next book. Sorry not sorry. Back onto topic. And the way that Manon cares for Abraxos is just amazing. Not like he’s an animal. But like he’s a person. It broke my heart and soul.

The plot was super intense. This was the book with the most battles, by far. It was amazing. Lysandra shape-shifting was awesome. I highly suggest that you prepare yourself beforehand for the awesome battle scenes. And there were some plot twists that I didn’t like, nor did I see coming. They weren’t badly written, it was just that I didn’t like what happened at the end of the book. We actually have to wait until October 30 to get the last book. This isn’t good. I don’t think that I can wait that long.

The setting was super well done. I loved how at the end of the book, I knew my way around that boat because they spent a lot of their time there. It was amazing!!!! The Stone Marshes sounds depressing but also sort of beautiful. I liked the aspect of the mirror. I’m glad we got to learn more about magical objects. That always interested me. Just like I was interested in learning about the Torre and the healers and so I learned. I also learned a bit from the B&N edition which I recommend you get because there is some interesting content in the back of the book.

As you can see, I loved this book except for the end. Rowan had better save Aelin and Meave and Carin need to die. Besides that, please remember to fill out my survey! You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)

Queen of Shadows, by Sarah J. Maas — February 16, 2018

Queen of Shadows, by Sarah J. Maas

download (1)Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. Embracing her identity as Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, Celaena returns to the empire–for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past.

This book is way better then the other books in the series. I mean WOW!!!! The characters were awesome and very interesting. My favorite character changed again. If I ever met her then we would hit off perfectly. And I’m feeling murderous right now for what she had to endure. Besides my character rant, I loved the plot and the setting. If you want to hear more about what I loved then read on.

The characters used a lot of humor. It was wonderful. Listening to people throw hissy fits fixes all of your problems. And knowing that Aelin dealt with some problems was satisfying as well. There was some character development as well. I enjoyed that. I’m so glad Dorian continued to fight. That made me happy. Evangline was so strong as well. She needed to be in that book, I hope that she survives the next few books. Just like her mistress, Lysandra, who is my new favorite character.

Lysandra is so strong and smart. She didn’t have to do what she did but she wanted to. I also liked how she was a shape shifter and did not listen to anyone unless it suited her best interests. We would get along just fine. And then when Aedion started speaking about the Ghost Leopards I knew what would happen. I wonder if Lysandra can shift into anything that she wants or just living creatures? Lysandra is just an amazing person. She deserves better then what is probably coming her way. So does Evangline. 

The plot was really intense. I have a feeling that I’m going to be saying that a lot. The pacing was perfect. I loved listening to the sassy comebacks that everyone had. And the way Rowan and Aelin tricked the cadre. That had me in stitches. Aren’t those guys supposed to be smart? Manon meeting Aelin and Dorian (not Dorian II but actual Dorian who fought that stupid Vlag Prince to talk to Manon) was really funny. It was like Chaol and Aelin had a who could be more stupid competition. It was sort of funny. And then the end battle was so sad and confusing. Was Dorian’s father really a good person and other questions were left unanswered. But now I’m going to stop ranting and talk about the setting. 

The setting was also awesome. Oakwald sounds beautiful. I would be happy to live there for the rest of my life. But there’s that tiny problem that’s called: The place is in a fantasy book and there is no way to get there. Besides that, the rest of the setting was beautiful. I loved hearing about what the heck everyone was doing. I imagined that I was running around with the characters on little side adventures. I really enjoyed the setting and the rest of the story as well.

As you have probably deduced, I really liked this story. I highly recommend it. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)

Heir of Fire, by Sarah J. Maas — February 13, 2018

Heir of Fire, by Sarah J. Maas


download (1)Royal assassin Celaena must travel to a new land to confront a truth about her heritage, while brutal and monstrous forces are gathering on the horizon, intent on enslaving her world.

This book was even more awesome than the books before it. I can’t wait to read the next book. The ships were awesome and so were the other characters. The plot was so intense and also very interesting. We learned way more about magic then I’ve ever learned in one book. I loved it. And then we learned about blood-oaths and all the types of Fae. So this book was very important for the rest of the series. Want to know more awesome things about this book? Then read on.

The characters were really intense. I loved it. How strong and smart can these women get while still making mistakes? These characters are so realistic and I totally ship some of them. The way the Aelin (aka Celaena but I’m going to call her Aelin now) was healing with Rowan’s help was amazing. So I loved how strong the female characters were. Not talking about Maeve. She’s a worm. But instead of talking about that piece of trash we should talk about my favorite character in this book: Rowan.

Rowan is really sweet and his past was really sad. I feel so bad for him. And it’s obvious what Aelin is to him so why should he conceal it? I called it as soon as they met. But then everything changed and Aelin started liking Rowan. I was so happy!!! That needed to happen. Hopefully, in the next book, Rowan and Aelin’s relationship will continue forward. 

download (1)

The plot was really intense and and action-packed. I loved how we saw more of the king’s actions. but that made me dislike him even more so I suppose that it went both ways. Personally, I hope the king dies in the nest book. It distresses me. But we had epic fight scenes. And I mean epic.  They made up for everything. There was also the reveal of Aedion’s true loyalties, but, I won’t talk about them. Then, there were some scenes that had me wondering how the characters were so smart. But they are and I loved to cackle at how stupid everyone else seemed when Aelin and Rowan came up with this brilliant plans. The plot was just as good as the setting, which I’m going to talk about now.

The setting was very detailed. I still am not sure how SJM does it. I envisioned myself adventuring with the characters every step of the way. It was awesome. I can’t wait to see what they do with the TV show. Whenever that comes out. Mistward was such a beautiful place. As was the forgotten temple of Mala Light-Bringer. I loved how the sun Aelin as felt stronger there. That was impressive. I loved it. 

As you can see, I loved this book. I highly suggest it. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)

Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Maas — February 10, 2018

Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Maas

download (1)As the royal assassin to an evil king, eighteen-year-old Celaena Sardothien must decide what she will fight for–survival, love, or the future of a kingdom.

This book was awesome!!!! This series is awesome!!!! If you haven’t already read this then do it now. Do it for all of the wonderful characters you will meet and the plot twists that you won’t see coming. Ok, you might see some of the plot twists coming. But it’s still awesome. I loved all of the characters and the love interest. Strong and beautiful Celaena. You will find your way in the world. If you want to know what else I liked about this book then read on.

The characters were really intense. Celaena did some very stupid things but I understood why. And I called it on Celaena’s real identity. So, you do find that out at least. Chaol and Dorian and Fleetfoot were also there. And the way that their relationships changed was their interesting. It could have gone so differently. And then the some characters died and it broke my heart. I think that I was sobbing for a while because they shouldn’t have had to die like that. But then what Celaena did to them was perfect. Which brings me onto my next topic: Celaena.

Celaena was awesome!!! She was so tough and I was even more impressed with her when I figured out her true identity. And then, figuring out some other things about her made me feel so bad for her. Except she would say, “I don’t want your pity.” and I would be scared for my life. So lets just ignore that. And the fact that she hunted down the killer and made him pay was so satisfying. He needed to die. So, what I’m trying to say is that Celaena can be awesome and terrifying at the same time which is why she is my favorite character.

The plot was really intense. I think that I liked it best at the end of the book when all was revealed and there was way more action then the first part of the book. And it was just really intense and fun (even though the characters probably hated every second of it). But it there was action and plot twists. Plot twists and I now have a love to hate relationship. But that’s fine by me. I think that all the monster battles were awesome. They were really well done and thought out. I couldn’t have done it better. 

The setting was very well done. We got more about the secret room and my personal favorite, Mort the talking door knocker. He was so funny. I loved listening to his witty comebacks. And the way that the room was set up was very important. And I’m pretty upset about not seeing myself. And the way that Celaena’s nightly jaunts were welcomed because we saw way more of the castle and grounds that way. So all in all, I really enjoyed learning more about Adarlan and Rifthold.

As you can probably see, I loved this book to pieces. I highly suggest that you read it now. Please remember to fill out my survey. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)

A Court of Wings and Ruin, by Sarah J. Maas — December 30, 2017

A Court of Wings and Ruin, by Sarah J. Maas

download (1)Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to it’s knees.

This book broke me. Poor poor Annalee. Sometimes I wanted to rewrite parts of the book so that the characters (mainly Feysand) weren’t so stressed and sad all the time. But then again, if I rewrote this book Tamlin probably wouldn’t exist. So maybe I shouldn’t be the one to write fanfic about this book. And now that this book is over I need the next one this instant. Except for that one small problem that it isn’t out yet.

The characters were perfect. I loved them. I am beyond words for how awesome they are. Can I go live in the Court of Dreams now? If not because it is beautiful but because it is filled with a very diverse and wonderful cast of characters? Who wouldn’t want to live there? I also loved the sister love relationship. And how we got to see more of the sisters. There were more characters in this book. We had the Court of Dreams, the High Lords, and an assortment of monsters. And I still remembered all of their names. Somehow. I still don’t know how I did it. There was also (thank the Cauldron) not that many character deaths. I hate those. There were some though. I will not tell you who. Sorry (not sorry). I also loved how the High Lords didn’t instantly like each other. Like, we’ll just forget everything that happened Under the Mountain and become besties. Sorry but that didn’t happen. I am very glad for that because otherwise it wouldn’t have been realistic. I loved all of the characters and I hope that they remain as good in the next book.


I just put that in because I love it. Really. I do. Stop telling me that it sucks annoying younger sister. The plot was very well written. I enjoyed reading about Feyre laying ruin to the Spring Court. Reading about the power games was very interesting. I also loved the setting very much. Even the battle scenes were descriptive. I could always imagine myself there, in the book, hanging out with the characters. I loved the action. How tense and how sometimes the army lost and how sometimes they won. That was realistic as well. So the things that should have been realistic were. And there was a lot of action and drama, which I could totally relate to (thanks school). I also loved Ianthe’s demise. She deserved what she got. I don’t know how well I did conveying how much you have to read this book and series but I hope that I did it right. Please read this book you will love it. 

I loved this book and I don’t know how many times I can throw this at your face and tell you to read it. Just follow my advice and read it. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find it on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)

Throne of Glass, by Sarah J. Maas — December 18, 2017

Throne of Glass, by Sarah J. Maas

download (1)After she has served a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, Crown Prince Dorian offers eighteen-year-old assassin Celaena Sarodethien her freedom on the condition that she act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin.

I trusted Sarah J. Maas. And I was right to trust her. This book was just as good as the ACOTAR series. Now I need to go to buy the second book. I hope that “Santa” brings it. Because I need it. Now. This book also told some things that I was questioning for ACOTAR. Want to hear more, then read on.

I loved the characters (a.k.a I loved Celaena Sarodethien). I think that her character was amazing. I want to meet her so that we can bond over candy and books. She would be a perfect book blogger. She would fit right in. I thought that Dorian was okay. But I agree with Celaena, he is a stuffed shirt. And Chaol (who ever spells a name like that) was pretty nice. I didn’t like him that much, to be honest. Something about him didn’t hit off with me. I thought Nehemia was very brave and well done. She makes the perfect spy. No one suspected her until she uncovered herself. But now, back to the best character in the book, Celaena. (I am spelling that right, you stupid red squiggly line) I think that someone should figure out how to travel into books just so that I can meet her. I want to meet her really badly. Like, I would kill to meet her. I am going to stop (somehow) talking about Celaena and move onto the plot.

The plot was pretty good. Not as good as the characters (Namely one… Who is not to be named) but the characters were top notch. As good as the characters in ACOTAR. But they written by the same author so I shouldn’t be surprised. Why didn’t I say thins in the characters section? There were multiple points of view in this book so sometimes I didn’t which viewpoint I was reading from. That was the only issue I had with the plot. The settings were pretty well written too. I could easily imagine myself standing in wherever Celaena was. I could picture myself there and be able to actually know where I was. Which means that I want to go there and live there. Because of… you guessed it, Celaena. Well I totally failed not mentioning her in this paragraph. Ah well, it’s the thought that counts.

I loved this book and I hope that you do as well. I feel bad for not picking this up sooner. Well, I am not going to hesitate to pick up the next book. Please remember to fill out my survey!!!! You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)