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The Lost Stories, by John Flanagan — January 12, 2018

The Lost Stories, by John Flanagan

download (1)In 1896, an archaeological dig unearths an ancient trunk containing manuscripts that confirm the existence of Araluen Rangers Will and Halt and tell of their first meeting and some of their previously unknown exploits.

This book was awesome. There were 10, I think, short stories in this book. All of them were really funny and had excellent. I believe that there were 2 weddings in that book. There were also lots of adventure stories and crime stopping cliffhangers. I loved the characters once again. As in, the characters were once again awesome. Just like the rest book. Do you want to know more? Then read on.

The characters were maybe the my favorite characters in the series. They were all the same but we got to see more of them. There was more backstory and character development in this book. I felt like I understood the characters on a deeper level. They were more realistic and funny in this book then they were in other books. 

My favorite character was Tug. He was such a loyal horse through and through. I loved the special bond between him and Will. It made me want a horse all over again just so that I could bond with it and we could go on awesome adventures like Will and Tug did. Hearing about these creatures makes you want one for yourself a lot.

As you can see, I love these characters so much. Even the side characters were fleshed out and realistic and I feel like these characters have a special place in my heart. I loved how they felt actual emotions and cared for each other. That always makes me happy. From those three paragraphs you should know what I like in characters in a book. Maybe all of my ratings will be in arrows now. They’ll just be based off of these books.

The plot(s) were intense and there was a fair share of action in each story. There were always battles to be fought or ambushes to be laid. I loved it. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t down time or relaxation in the book. There was. There just wasn’t as much of that as there was action. There were also a lot of cliffhangers and mysteries. There were quite a few mysteries in these short stories. I wasn’t that good at them but that doesn’t really matter. What I am trying to say, and probably failing to, is that the plot is excellent and you should really read the book.

The setting(s) in these short stories were very descriptive. I could imagine myself being there, in whatever adventure Will and Co. were on. I loved that. I think that the setting could have been a little more descriptive though, but that can be easily remedied. So basically, this book was really really close to perfect. I loved it so much and I highly recommend it. 

Please read this book. It’s awesome. Please also remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)