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The Penderwicks In Spring, by Jeanne Birdsall — September 2, 2017

The Penderwicks In Spring, by Jeanne Birdsall

download (16)It has been five years since the last Penderwicks book. Rosalind is in college. Skye is in the year before college ands Jane is in the year before that. Batty is in fifth grade. Ben is in second grade. And there is a new Penderwick named Lydia. Everyone is impressed with Batty’s musical abilities. And Batty finds a new talent as well. She is very excited for her 11th birthday concert. Hound is dead!!!!! Dead!!!!! Batty cannot sleep one night and she hears a conversation that is not meant for her. With Hound not there to help her cope, Batty starts having problems. Can Batty get through them?

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My number one problem with this book was the title. Batty was the MC and though the other Penderwicks were mentioned they were not really that important. I did think that the rest of the story was good though. There were a lot of values in this book. It taught you a lot of life lessons and just be a good person. Which is one of my favorite things about a book. I am really sad that the series ended but I am glad that I own the book and can read it whenever I want.

Batty was so much more serious then the previous books. That shocked me. I was also shocked and sad that Hound died. I felt like I was not a reader anymore but a member of the family. I was happy that the Penderwicks got two other dogs by the end of the book. That brought tears to my eyes. Batty’s problems made me very sad. I amost cried then too. Wow, I am just in the crying mood today, aren’t I? My dream fantasy right now is to meet these wonderful characters in the real life and spend a day with them.

The plot was mainly Batty’s issues. I understood why that had to be in the book but it still made me sad. I loved how everyone was so much older then the other books. It made me wonder what had happened to them and how had they been while I had not read about them. I did want a bit more recap though. I felt bad for some people in this book from time to time. But I think that this was meant to happen. I felt very sad read this book sometimes but I think that this was supposed to happen as well. 

As a recap, I really did like this story but it made me a little sad sometimes. There was quite a bit of character change in this book. I felt like DNFing this book a little bit because it got so sad but I realized that I was supposed to feel sad through this book. Well, the author did a good job with that. I felt like I should run ointo the bathroom and burst into tears a few times but that was it. 

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I loved the whole Penderwicks series and I think that I will read it again and again. I am sorry but I love this book and series so much. Please remember to fill put my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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th (14)