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Spliced, by Jon McGoran — October 28, 2018

Spliced, by Jon McGoran

downloadSixteen-year-old Jimi Corcoran and Del, her genetically altered best friend, fight for survival in a near-future society that is redefining what it means to be human.

This book was confusing. Also, this review will probably be pretty short because I don’t know what to say. There were a lot of plot holes that weren’t filled in and a lot of characters that weren’t that well-developed. I had really high hopes for this book but they weren’t fulfilled. 


The writing style wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t my thing. It wasn’t addictive enough. I wish that there was a more prominent theme and that what the summary said about the book was actually true. I wanted to be invested in the story and impressed with the book’s message. Instead, I got a book that wasn’t what I thought it would be. In a bad terrible way.

The characters weren’t that developed. Some of them felt really cliche and irritating and others felt like they were paper-cut from templates. I did enjoy the fact that they all knew how to drive and were sixteen. I was surprised that they all didn’t learn to drive when they were ten. Jimi really got on my nerves. She was like a cliche girl main character who didn’t know what to do except for one mission: find Del. And when that was accomplished she didn’t know what to do. The side characters were very forgettable and there were too many of them. But it didn’t matter because most of them died in the end.

The plot seemed like it had followed the idea: figure out what your main character wants and prevent them from getting it. Too well. Nothing was predictable and it just seemed like the author decided to throw something in to make the characters journey harder. And the author did that without cushioning. I did enjoy the sci-fi/dystopian aspect, it just wasn’t enough to rescue the book. I wish I had loved it, I really tried. I just couldn’t.

I couldn’t wait to see how this book turned out, but I didn’t like that. Scratch that, I despised it. I honestly can’t recommend it to anyone. I got the summary from the Library of Congress. Remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link to it on my About page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons