download (13)The Penderwicks are back home after their vacation at Arundel. School is starting. Soccer season is starting. A new neighbor is moving in. Everything is very busy on Garden Street. But then, Aunt Claire comes and tells Daddy that she needs to stop being such a sad sob and get a life. Not like that, but how I would have said it. As in a dating and social life. So the girls come up with the Save Daddy Plan. Where they save their dad from future wives. So they make up this haliarous plan too save Daddy that will make you laugh all the way to heaven. Design O

This book may be better then the first one but I cannot tell. What I can tell you is that this book is amazing!!!!!!!! I love it to death!!!!!!!!!! *runs around the room screaming and then trips over a moving box* I am fine and a bit calmer. This book was just as calm. It made me feel the same way the first book did. I thing that this is really strange and would love to know more about it. If you know please tell me. I would love to know.

There really was not much of a plot in this book. You would think that the Save Daddy Plan would be the plot but it really isn’t. It is moire like one of the many stories about the Penderwicks life on Gardam Street. Hence the name of the book. I hate writing with this Kindle. I make so many typos. But back to the subject. I did really like this style of writing and it made me really happy. So that made me really happy. I was proud of the author for writing like this because I imagine that it would be hard.

The characters were amazing!!!!!! I loved them. There were so many new characters but Jeanne Birdsall did a great job with this. At the end of the book I felt like some of the characters I had known all my life and I could walk right next door to see the Penderwicks or the Giegers. That amazed me. I felt really sad when I realized that they were not coming because they were not real. I almost cried then. I need these people to be real!!!!! I need them too!!!!!!!!!!!!! The characters made me so happy that I laughed at every other page.

Gardam Street was really a work of art. I loved it so much. I wanted to drive through every neighborhood until I found it.  I loved Gardam Street and I wanted to live there until I died. Okay, now I am sad because I am going to die. It is okay Annalee. You are not going to die anytime soon. I really did love this book to the bottom of my heart.

Design O

I loved the Penderwicks On Gardam Street to the bottom of my soul. I got the Red Queen at the bookstore today so I will be rating that sometime soon. Please fill out my survey. You can find the link to that on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating:

th (14)