th (24)Book: Prisoner B-3087

Author: Alan Gratz

Publisher: Scholastic

Date Published: March 1, 2013

There were 10 concentration camps. Millions of Jews went to these camps. Millions. Yanek is one of those Jewish people. He is ten years old at the start of the war. He is almost twenty by the end. Yanek goes through many camps. He makes friends and enemies. You must be strong to survive the camps. Can Yanek be strong?

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I basically had really mixed feelings about this book. I got really confused during this book. I was confused after the first twenty five pages. The story line was really cool. If this book had been written well I think that I would have enjoyed it. But, it was confusing and that killed my soul.

The characters confused me. Yanek was almost dying and then the next page over he was suddenly really strong. I don’t know how he got really strong. But he did. I wish the author put more dialogue in the book. And I wish she thought more about how the characters were devolping. Yanek annoyed me to the bottom of my soul. First, he was all helpful and then he was cold and distant. I wish the author had put more time into this book.

The plot could have been great. But it was not that good. I didn’t enjoy it. I really think that this book could have been great. Maybe the book was better then I thought and my high hopes fell flat, making me dislike the book more then I should. But really, this book was not that good. I don’t know how people read this but they do. I was hoping for a book about what it was like to be in a concentration camp. It seemed like the author didn’t tell you anything about it.

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