Top 5 Tuesday is something created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. Her blog is amazing and you can find the link to the September Top 5 Tuesday topics here. This is actually really hard. I’m trying to find characters that aren’t cliche and/or comic relief. These are the characters that have always made me laugh and smile with their witty (or not) dialogue. Hopefully, you find them as funny as me.

Dorian Havilliard

This picture was drawn by the wonderful and talented taratjah. The link to her blog, where she posts more amazing artwork like this, is here. Dorian amuses me so much. I never expect him to have a sassy side, so when he does, it always surprises me and makes me snicker.


This work of art was also drawn by taratjah, whom I have a link to above. Rhysand has sass that is always on point and he knows when to be funny and when to tone it down.


AIDAN just makes me chuckle (when he’s not killing people “for the good of the fleet”, that is). I love how he pretends to not know what humor is and then make terrible jokes at Kady. And sometimes he says the funniest stuff. I got this quote off of From Parchment To Books.

Nikolai Lantsov

NIkolai has always made me smile at his antics. I enjoy reading about him and his relationship with his Triumvirate (I hope I’m spelling that right). His sense of humor always brings to my face. This beautiful portrait was made by Melanie @ meliesscribbles.

Cardan Greenbriar

This artwork was made by the exceptionally talented Salome @morgana0anagrom. Cardan is such a unique person and the stuff that he does makes me smile. I hope everything turns out alright for him in the next book.



What are your favorite funny characters? Have you read any of these books? Tell me in the comments below!