Elle is a total fangirl of a movie called Starfield. She has a blog about it and she watches reruns on TV. But her father is dead and her stepmother hates Starfield. With her job at the Magic Pumpkin, a vegan food truck, she slowly saves up her tips so that she can get out of her stepmother’s house with the neighbor’s dog. Elle also wants to win a best cosplay costume contest so that she can watch the new Starfield movie in LA. Elle then gets a text from a mysterious male teenager,and she feels herself slowly falling for him.                                                                                             Darien Freedman is the new actor who is playing one of the main characters on Starfield. No one really likes that he is the new main character so he has to fight through that. And he has to do dangerous stunts on camera ,which I think is pretty funny. Then he dials the wrong number and meets Elle and they start texting, and they start to fall in love. Through texting. They have not ever met. They might not ever meet. But then everything changes.

Geekerella is not half bad. It is pretty good. I was screaming in some parts: OMG this is in Cinderella!!! I know what happens!!!! It was amazing.  But I thought that it was a bit too predictable. You knew as soon as they started texting that they would somehow meet and become good friends. That was pretty much obvious. I also thought that the book was a bit drawn out. Sometimes I was screaming Get On With It Already!!!! Elle was funny and sweet and Darien was so… normal. For a movie star. Yeah that came out wrong. I think I meant to say that if he was a normal kid he and Elle would be happily dating right now, living their lives happily and together. It would have been a sweet and normal relationship. But that did not happen, which is what made the book so good. I loved the dunk tank scene. It was so funny. I guess I did not expect the book to go the way it was going. I am pretty good at guessing the way the book will go, so I was very happy when I could not figure out how the book would end. That never happens to me!!! Four Stars. Well, I have officially read 17 out of 100 books this year on my Goodreads list. It only started going on Goodreads again last week. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons