download (4)Rose is a normal ATA Pilot who talks, walks, and breathes flying. She has flown since she was twelve. Rose is endlessly grateful to her aunt and uncle for setting her up with this job. After all, she is making a difference instead of just reading about the war in her house in Pennsylvania. She has fun doing things like buzzing the Eiffel Tower and going to dances. Some things are not as fun, like filing incident reports. But all in all Rose likes her job more than the job at the paper mill. Then, flying back from a mission, Rose gets lost. Rose then gets picked up by German pilots who take her to a place that sends her to Ravensbruck (I could not add all the weird German symbols. Sorry). Ravensbruck is the notorious women’s concentration camp. There she makes friends that will change, and save, her life. From the Russian combat pilot to the Polish medical guinea pig, Rose’s friends help her learn about the camp. If Rose’s is not careful, she could be killed.

What I Liked
  • Rose: Rose was just so defined and sweet. She did not let being in a concentration camp get to her, at least not much. Rose gritted her teeth and did the job. At least she was not asking for death. Rose was  someone you could connect with easily.
  • Rose’s Poems: Rose’s poems were great!!! If Rose had not been in a concentration camp she would have been a world famous poet. But then there would not have been a boo so I guess I am glad that Rose’s poems were not as powerful before the concentration camp.
  • The “Family”:  So Rose was taken in by the four other girls that she shared a bunk with who were not friends but family. Not a mean, fighting family either. A nice, friendly, happy family, like the ones you see in those cheesy movies.
What I Disliked
  • Nick: Okay, so Nick planned to marry Rose, she turned down his offer and he pledged to wait for her to accept his proposal. But then he goes off and marries some Red Cross chick. That just makes me so sad.
  • Ravensbruck: What is there to like about this place? It is totally terrible. But I think that it is supposed to be terrible. That is the nature of a concentration camp.
  • The Doctors: Even though they are not main or supporting characters we still hear a lot about them. And it all is bad, especially the medical experiments. It was shocking. But this was also part of Ravensbruck.

So all in all Rose Under Fire was pretty good. Four Stars. If you like historical fiction set in World War II this is the book for you. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons