Everyone celebrate!!!!!!!! I found a leather edition of all three books combined at Barnes & Noble!!!!! It made me so happy!!!!! Now I am going to read and rate the whole series in a row. Because of this I am not going to post a picture until the last book rating. I am sorry but it will be easier on me if I don’t post a picture for every book in the series. Really sorry.

Madeline L’ Engle is a genius. She writes perfect books. I love her to death. Yesterday when I was in the car I heard someone say on the radio that Madeline L’ Engle had been killed in a car accident. And I remember thinking “Didn’t Madeline L’ Engle die in 2007?”. Not 2017. I still miss her with all my heart. 

Meg is perfect!!!! Charles Wallace is perfect!!!! Ms. Who, Ms. What, and Ms. Which are perfect!!!!  Mr. Murry is perfect!!!!!!! IT is the perfect villain!!!! I am having a perfect overload. I am having a minor freak out here!!!!!!! 

Ok, I have calmed down somewhat. I have also realized that I do not need to put so many explanation points on everything. Madeline L’ Engle’s writing style is beautiful. Truly ands absolutely beautiful. It was like she made you cry at the sad parts and gasp and the nerve racking parts. 

Since I have all of the books I will be diving right into book two as soon as this post is done. I am sorry my love for the book is making me insane!!!!!!! That and the love for my cat. I will put a picture of my cat hiding in a moving box at the bottom of this post. 

The life of me. I have posted a link to a survey about what you think of my blog on my about page. All it will say is whether or not you like my blog. I know that it is out of the blue. I will also post the link on this post right now. How is my Blog Doing?  I really hope that you will consider filling out the survey.

I am really sorry about how short this post was. I will write a longer post later. 

Book Rating:

th (14)

Cute picture of Annalee’s cat hiding in a moving box: