Sparked Cover

So I am part of the Sparked blog tour!!!! I loved this book and I got to interview the authors!!! So let’s do this thing!!!!

Sparked Summary: Fifteen year old Laurel Goodwin wakes to find her older sister Ivy missing from their Airstream trailer in the Oregon redwoods. A recurring dream convinces her that Ivy was abducted,not no one tales her dream seriously, even her mom. Laurel, a loner, has to learn to ask for help, and Jasper Blake, a mysterious new kid who shares her love of old books, becomes her ally.

Laurel soon learns that her worst enemies, mean girls Peyton Anderson and Mei Rosen are developing powers that she needs to find and save Ivy. With time running out, Laurel realizes that power doesn’t always take the form you expect. And once she learns to look beyond her snap judgements, she begins to develop powers on her own.

The Interview

1. Will there be a sequel – Helena: We do have a sequel all planned put and we’re working on it. If readers are interested – or if they have questions they want to be answered in the next book – please email us at and we’ll send you the first chapter as soon as it’s ready. 

2. What was your favorite character to write in this book – Melana: Laurel was our favorite but the scenes with Peyton and Mei (the mean girls who torment Laurel) were the most fun and easiest to write. The Laurel scenes are so intense – she’s desperately trying to find while the clock is ticking – that it always felt delicious  to take a break with two characters whose problems were a bit more manageable. Also, Peyton and Mei are pretty funny, though they don’t always intend to be,and I enjoyed writing their bitchy behavior.

3. What was the hardest part of writing this book – Helana: You would expect that collaborating would be the hardest part, and as we drafted Sparked, people asked us how we managed to write together – after all we’d both been solitary novelists before. But writing together was easy. We pounded out the first draft in a white-hot frenzy of inspiration we called the Vortex. One of us would write a scene and send it to the potjer with a note: My apartment is a pigsty and I haven’t eaten all day. #inthevortex 

Melana: The hard part came when we reread everything and realized that it was not quite as good as we thought. The love triangle was gratuitous and the romance needed to be more believable. So we had to decide whether to ditch our book or rewrite it completely and this time, really put in the work to make it the kind of book that we both loved to read, one with real, complicated, flawed characters, dark humor, and a sense of mystery. Getting that right took many, many drafts. 

4. Who is Sparked meant for – Melana: When we wrote this book we had a very clear idea of who the reader was.  A thirteen year old girl who stayed up all night with a flashlight in order to find out the twist in the latest novel by Lois Duncan. A fifteen year old devouring everything by Stephan King. A kid who takes Carrie on a camping trip with her best friend and rips the paperback apart so that they can read it simultaneously, shrieking and staying up all night. In other words we wrote it for the girls we used to be. For any teenager, male or female, who loves a story that won’t let you go, with plenty of horror and humor, and a dash of romance.

Helana: We also wrote it for their moms. It’s no coincidence that we dreamed up this book when our kids were preschoolers. When you spend so much time worrying about when you need to get new sneakers for your kid and whether the dishwasher is really broken this time, it’s incredibly relaxing to escape into a story about a girl who has to save her sister and the entire world.

5. What would your power be? Would you flare out – Helana: The powers are pretty scary ones – like being able to hear everyone’s deepest darkest secrets – and the girls were scared of them for good reason. I don’t really want any of the powers in this book. I suppose that it’s most responsible to say I’d be able to fly into the ozone layer and purge it of green house gasses but failing that, I’d have the power of snapping my fingers instantly and having all the boring daily tasks done instantly – like the dishwasher unloading itself. Then I could concentrate on things I like, like writing.

Melana: Being able to write perfect pages of fiction with no revisions needed. As for flaring out, I would do so in a heartbeat. I think that when your a teenager, closing between your power and your lover seems like an equally weighted choice – at least it does to our heroine – but as you grow up you realize that love beats having power hands down. 

Helana: Also, whereas in the book you have to choose between love and power, as you grow up you realize that you can have both. In a good relationship, you don’t have to make that choice. If your in love with the right person, you don’t have to give up any part of yourself.