th (12)After Ethan jumped from the water tower, he died. Which is pretty obvious. There is a freaky afterlife where Ethan and his mother can leave messages for those living. Ethan is trying to become one of the living again. Everyone in the living world wants Ethan to come back as well. Amma is trying to hold herself together because Ethan’s father does not know anything. Lena is greif-stricken, but at least she has Casting on Ethan’s father to take it of her mind. Ethan leaves messages for Amma and Lena, telling them what he needs to get back to the world of the living and telling them that he is okay. To get his life back, Ethan needs to sneak into the Far Keep and destroy his page in the Caster Chronicles. On this journey Ethan meets the Greats, his mother, Aunt Prue, and even more diverse characters. But, even with all of the help he is getting will Ethan be able to get his life back?

What I Liked
  • Ethan’s Mom: Ethan’s mom was just so nice. I can see her being the perfect mother to anyone. If she was my mother I would be so happy!!!!!!! She was nice to everyone. Except, Mrs. Lincoln. For a very good reason, which I will talk about later in this post.
  • Sarafine: Sarafine was not a good guy in the first three books, but the one scene she was in made me like her. Sarafine was blinded and cplace of tutore hained in a maze and made to fight people for fun. She made a noble sacrifice for Ethan to get into the Keep.
  • Amma: Amma also made a noble sacrifice for Ethan. I hope she finds happiness. Wherever she is.
What I Disliked
  • Mrs. Lincoln: Mrs. Lincoln is evil, in my world. She thought that the Harry Potter series promoted witchcraft, so she asked the county library to ban, or burn, the books. In our family the Harry Potter series is sacred. So I got mad when Mrs. Lincoln wanted to ban, or burn, the Harry Potter books.
  • The Far Keep: The Far Keep is where there is supposed to be a place of knowledge. Instead it is a place of pain and misery.

Beautiful Redemption is pretty good. It is a good end to the Caster Chronicles. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons